The Task

To design a plastic Ezy-Hitch for mass production that can take a beating as well as the metal version.

Can a plastic Ezy-Hitch be as strong as a metal version?

When the inventors of the Ezy-Hitch came to us with their prototype we knew they had a winner. The Ezy-Hitch is an idea borne from loosing skin off knuckles while hitching couplings under 4×4 ATV’s. The Ezy-Hitch is a simple leaver that attaches to ten different models of trailer coupling.

Products like Ezy-Hitch merge with the flow of everyday working life. Its one of those products that you sorely miss when its not there. The result is a product that provides secure grip to wet muddy hands, mechanical and reach advantage for all scenarios and can have a strainer post drop onto it and bounce back for more.