30 Million More Rats

So we are 2 years into one of the biggest Beach mast head in years. What's a mast head I hear you ask? It's when Beech forests produce a bumper crop of seeds allowing for a population explosion of all species including an expected 30 million EXTRA rats.

When the food runs out, hungry rats, stoats and possums will kill about 25 million native birds this year alone. That's more than 2000 birds every hour! For some birds like the Mohua, the one on the $100 note, who number less than 5000 the future looks uncertain.

The only real tool we have is 1080, A proverbial sledge hammer to crack a wall nut. 1080 is easy to apply by air over the 500,000 hectares of difficult terrain but it really is a blanket of death for all. Surely we can do better than this?

Where are the design community in this $21 million battle of the birds? Mostly as silent as our bush is becoming. Traditional one shot traps are not enough, Victor multi kill traps are only suitable for urban use. The good nature trap comes close to what's needed however it is expensive, some times leaks gas and requires monitoring.

Pest-free offshore islands and inland Islands like Maungatautari ecological island have helped some endangered species to bounce back but the next two years are pivotal to our native bird life. The thing is there will be more than one answer to this problem, the more solutions the better! I've got $100 bucks that says the New Zealand design community has the talent to make a difference. Lets get into it guys!