Mighty Coffee Grinder 2

War Stories

There is truly nothing more frustrating than buying a high quality tool from a trusted brand to find out that some numpty has been messing with the design. There are several sins company’s commit, design by committee usually makes for a soulless product, design by ego makes for a pretentious one. But perhaps design by accountant is the biggest sin there is when dealing with a quality product because it no longer is a quality product.

The engineer took time and effort to specify that M8 screw, making it an M6 will only end in tears, choosing the aluminum suppler that offers billet at 23% of the standard price will always bite you in the arse. So it happened that our beloved dealer of the purest caffeinated products found himself in a state of caffeine withdrawn rage ready to throw the barristers secret weapon into the skip.

Leaping to the rescue like a bleary eyed over stimulated tweaked out superhero, we boldly took the project on. Our mission to sort the burr slippage, provide a finer adjustment, sort out the bean shutter and pimp out the cooling fan.

As quick as a flash, the grinder was in pieces, the CNC was whirring with swarf and coolant spitting out over the workshop floor until morning tea and we realized no grinder meant dirty old instant was the only option. I’ll be honest things got ugly, there were very bad words and a few tears but like all epic battles our hero emerged triumphant. The super precision kick arse mighty grinder 2 was born.

In Phil’s hands, our high priest of the wholly bean at ROUGE ESPRESSO, the super precision kick arse mighty grinder 2 is truly a weapon of gastronomic perfection. The coffee is to die for, the food tastes better and the sun shines just that little bit warmer in the courtyard. Go get some.