Design Talent

Hamilton, The Tron, city of the future. The Waikato is so much more than rugby, beer and racing both horse and V8. For a city with a population of around 103,000, Hamilton can draw on 1.6 million people from within a radius of 150 kilometres. Don’t be fooled, there are a hell of a lot of creative people down here.

Since beginning business in 2000, MWDesign has developed over 500 new products, the majority of these, about 300, for Waikato companies. We’re here for a reason, we’re Agritec specialists. We are the kids the big kids call to get it done. This year’s national Fieldays is predicted to trigger an injection of more than $630M to the local economy in 1 week!

Still not convinced? Hamilton has some of the best coffee roasters in the country, Rocket. The best cafe: River Kitchen and Scott’s Epicurean, all packed into a tidy nucleolus of good times giving Wellington a run for its money, you would be mad not to consider Hamilton as a good place to be. Open your eyes design community, wake up and smell the clover. Hamilton is where it's at.

We’re twenty minutes from Lake Karipero, One hour drive from Whakarewarewa Forest the best Mountain biking anywhere IN THE WORLD BUDDY!