How branding gives you so much more than just a logo

A brand is like a person. Like any person a brand can also ofter personality, values and culture, naming just a few. These help form a much more personal and memorable experience for your audience, that with a logo alone is just not possible.

The word brand can often be heard as a replacement to the word company. Branding can be described as how you promote yourself through your brand identity and how your clients or audience view you. This is why how you do customer service and how the voice of the company is portrayed in writing is vital to how your brand is created. The way your audience receive this information will form a big part of how your brand (company) is portrayed.

Brand Strategy

Before jumping into any visual concepts we aim to create a strong foundation, with a brand strategy that prioritises a direction that is best for the company and expectations from the client. This includes values and themes that are vital to be voiced within visual and written outcomes. Developing a brief from the beginning is important to ensure creative ideas relevant to the company go ahead. Understanding brand personality, history, function and ethos helps to give a big step up for the remainning of the work.

Brand Identity To create an effective brand you need to create a rock solid brand identity that is consistant with the ability to be flexable. As you know the brand goes beyond just the logo. Other essentials are visual and graphic elements such as typography, colour, imagery, textures, line treatments, textures, the list goes on. Remember consistantcey and applicablitly to the company is critical to creating a reconsisable and memerable brand identity. Finally remember to discover what is special about your brand, what sets you apart from the competition. This is vital to developing a brand that stands out from the rest.